Ufeta llc
3665 S. Dallas Street Aurora, CO 80014 US
Phone: 303-522-7511 Website: http://ufeta.com/

Company / Company Overview
IT company Ufeta

Ufeta LLC is the dynamic growing IT Company in Denver, Colorado. Founded as a start-up company in 2010, it has successfully completed multiple projects and got a substantial number of loyal corporate customers.

Today our ompany is proud to offer the following types of IT outsourcing services for your business:

Ufeta LLC delivers unprecedented quality software in the shortest terms.

Mission and Goal

Our mission is to constantly improve the level of our custom software development services, together with, and ahead of time, and to become the most needed software development IT company in Colorado.

In order to reach that goal, Ufeta deploys best process optimization strategies, keeps its employees updated on all the latest IT trends and developments, and provides advanced training. We are all committed to quality of international standards.

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