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Business Analysis and Technical Consulting

In today's digital world each IT company seeks for a comprehensive technology plan in order to get the best from its IT investments and improve business efficiency and competitiveness.
At Ufeta we pay great attention to business analysis and technical consulting because we clearly understand that it is an integral part of the software development process.

Our skilled and knowledgeable team of business analysts and technical specialists may help you:

  • Analyze your existing IT infrastructure, current business processes and define requirements of your development project
  • Carry business requirements into technical requirements that can be implemented by means of software and give recommendations on technology platforms, development tools, or system frameworks.
  • Provide free initial project estimation as well as a detailed project planning and management
  • Create process reports for your management team and make documents that will describe your business infrastructure along with technical requirements for future software solutions

We involve best risk management practices and business conducting principles, and determine appropriate solutions to software business problems with a help of a structured iterative approach.

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