Services / Maintenance and Support of Applications and Systems
Maintenance and Support of Applications and Systems

The on-going software support and maintenance is a challenge for many companies. Ufeta's outsourcing Maintenance and Support Services is a great way to reduce unnecessary costs and time and let your on-site IT team focus on more strategic plans.
If you have an IT infrastructure or a system that requires maintenance and upgrade we are here to provide a range of enhancement services as well as a dedicated support team and offer various recommendations for fine-tuning.

Our maintenance and support facilities include:

  • Application upgrades and enhancements
  • Comprehensive user support
  • Bug fixing, tracking and reporting
  • Fine-tuning and improvement to product functionality
  • New features research and design
  • Assistance in deployment and implementation
  • Technical troubleshooting

We carefully outline service level requirements and customize our maintenance process for each client's unique needs. Our services assist you to substantially lower your maintenance costs while providing service levels of high quality.

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