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Brand-book is a set of rules that shape the brand’s style, ideology, and communication. It defines individuality, the concept of the brand and its attributes, the positioning of the company and its development in general.

Brand-book contains a complete Business Style Guide, which includes detailed descriptions of each element of the style on different advertising and corporate media. Brand book is a description of the main categories of brand identity and attributes, such as the essence, position, philosophy, values and personality of the company.

Simply put, a brand-book is a single company style, transferred to all possible elements, such as the company website, social networks, goods or services, promotional products, various publications, souvenirs, etc.

The purpose of a brand-book, as a set of rules, is to unite the goals of all employees in order to maintain a profitable image, recognition of the company, realization of branding of a product, service or the company as a whole.

Who needs a brand-book and why?

The answer to this question lies in the objectives of your business. Here are some examples of businesses that need to develop a brand-book:

  • Business development as a retail or wholesale network.
  • A business with a rapid scaling strategy.
  • Business that uses a franchise model.
  • Business production of a unique product or service.
  • International business with representation in different countries.

Stages of Brand-book Development


Structure and steps

Approval of the structure and stages of brand-book development. Creation of a list of categories of electronic, advertising and image elements.


Design of all elements

Designing the elements of the company's corporate identity. Definition of additional elements that the company needs in the near future.


Additional modules

Definition of additional modules containing brand design elements such as website or social media. Elaboration of already existing elements.


Creation and approval

Creation of all agreed elements, with step-by-step elaboration, reporting and approval by the customer.

Depending on the specific objectives of the business, the content of the brand-book can vary in a very large range, so it is important to correctly identify all the elements and stages of the brand-book creation.

We have extensive experience in creating brands for both domestic and foreign companies representing a wide range of business sectors.

We do not use ready-made templates, each element of the brand book has an individual design and is developed taking into account all modern technologies, the psychology of online sales and understanding of the correctness of the presentation and arrangement of information.

The cost of development is calculated individually according to the needs of your company. We guarantee step-by-step development of brand-book, transparent reporting and maximum optimization of company expenses.

Additional graphics solutions We can create additional advertising and design solutions for you,
based on your wishes and the specifics of your business:

Corporate website design
Design of a corporate website or online store in a single style, taking into account the requirements of the brand book and using the individual style of each web element.
Presentation design
We create graphic and flash (managed) elements for presentation of the product or service to customers, at exhibitions and in catalogues, taking into account the concept of the style of your company.
Product design
In the common style of the company we create the design of advertising products such as booklets, posters, various brand attributes such as pens, mugs, etc.
Social media design
As part of our social media promotion services, we create various graphic elements, screensavers, banners, and logos. We prepare and process photos, edit videos, compose and post texts and news.

Other services

SEO-promotion of a site
SEO audit of the site, gathering a semantic core, text optimization, increasing link mass, etc.
Setting up and maintenance of contextual advertising.
Setting up advertising companies in Google AdWords. Selection of keywords, traffic analytics and budget optimization.
Advancement in social networks
Promotion in the most popular social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. Maintenance of YouTube channels.
IP-telephony and call center
IP telephony, virtual office and call center connection. Setting up workplaces of call center employees.
Maintenance and support of the site
Checking for viruses, "backup" data, installing updates to plugins, modules and scripts. Cleaning of unused data and other debris.
Vulnerability analysis and site security
Checking for popular vulnerabilities (SQL inj, XSS, LFI/RFI), PHP and email injections, checking of open ports, ftp, ssh, etc.
Brand design development
Development of design for your company, from logo and website design, to social media design, to promotional products.
Creating presentations and graphic content
Creation of guided and graphic presentations, photo content editing, video editing.

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