Custom Projects or Refinement

Occasionally there is a need to create a customized website that is unlike a standard website, online store, or CRM. These websites are tailored more to the ideas and desires of an individual rather than that of a larger company.

We really try to connect with our clients and get a good sense of their ideas to understand what they want with their project. We will create the structure of the project, based on your desires, offer design options, select the desired content and photos, and build the internal code according to algorithms conceived by our customer.

Whether it's a dating site, product catalog or news portal, we are ready to create, or modify the perfect product for you!

We create these projects:

News portal
Websites that display world or regional news, with groups, headings and news archive.
Dating website
Dating website with the option of registering users, searching for couples by category or parameter and hooking up.
Social network
A website with registration, photo posting, instant messaging and other features of similar projects.
The website is similar to «AliExpress» or «Joom» with the possibility of searching, sorting and buying goods and services.
Financial Portal
A portal for displaying various futures quotes, commodity exchange, Forex market. Export data from trading terminals.
Learning sites
Websites of universities, schools and other educational institutions to display study schedules, webinars and other educational content.

Do you need to change an existing website?

Is your site obsolete, or warped on mobile devices? Does your website have enough information and interactivity? We are here to fix this by...

  • Creating a new modern adaptive design.
  • Integrating the site with Joomla, Wordpress or UfetaCMS.
  • Adding a news module, forum, or product catalogue.
  • Optimizing your website for search engines.
  • Taking photos, putting together texts and other content.
  • Conducting site security and performing vulnerability audits.
  • Connecting and setting up contextual advertising.

Other services

SEO-promotion of a site
SEO audit of the site, gathering a semantic core, text optimization, increasing link mass, etc.
Setting up and maintenance of contextual advertising.
Setting up advertising companies in Google AdWords. Selection of keywords, traffic analytics and budget optimization.
Advancement in social networks
Promotion in the most popular social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. Maintenance of YouTube channels.
IP-telephony and call center
IP telephony, virtual office and call center connection. Setting up workplaces of call center employees.
Maintenance and support of the site
Checking for viruses, "backup" data, installing updates to plugins, modules and scripts. Cleaning of unused data and other debris.
Vulnerability analysis and site security
Checking for popular vulnerabilities (SQL inj, XSS, LFI/RFI), PHP and email injections, checking of open ports, ftp, ssh, etc.
Brand design development
Development of design for your company, from logo and website design, to social media design, to promotional products.
Creating presentations and graphic content
Creation of guided and graphic presentations, photo content editing, video editing.

Web development security We consider all features of security and apply safety measures to all levels,
creating any software product:

Program code security
Application architecture review, program code analysis,
identification of "weaknesses".
Data security
Data leakage prevention, encryption during transmission
and storage in the database, SQL injection prevention.
Security of software modules
We use only tested control systems, plugins and scripts.
Additional verification of transmitted data.
Personal security
Software certification, content protection,
virus and data "backup" protection.

TechnologyWe always use the most advanced technologies and tools in the field of web development.

Are you ready to work with us?We are here to answer any questions you may have and even give you a free consultation.