Web Design

We create unique and modern web designs that empower website visitors.

With today’s website builders, it’s easy for about anyone to create a basic site. But once you start adding powerful features or step outside the template, your site can break or slow down. That’s why it’s worth it to go with our web design service.

Quality web site design should be user-friendly, understandable, and correctly convey the necessary information, while being well indexed by search engines.

The customer, along with a group of developers will work together to find a common ground. To meet these conditions, it is important to clearly articulate proposals and wish to work together throughout the development and layout of the site.

Web design - a group works on the design and layout of the template site. In addition to graphic representation, it is important to consider several different factors, such as adaptability, structure, consistent style, and usability when it comes to drawing a template in Adobe Photoshop.

Stages of web design development


Design structure

The process of determining the structure of the future web design; including the system of sections, pages and transitions between them, functionality and ways of presenting information.


Visual design

With the goals and visions of the customer in mind, visual design is developed. All the while the style and location of the elements are defined.


Graphic development

Graphic development of the template will be created in Adobe Photoshop, with rendering of all blocks and pages of the future website.


HTML coding and CSS

Translating graphics design into a code using HTML and CSS. Adding fonts, icons and animations.

The basic rules of web design

Adaptive template
While drawing the design in Adobe Photoshop, we carefully consider adaptivity of the future site, which allows all the elements of the design to be correctly displayed on different devices.
Unified design style
Before we start creating a web design, we carefully determine the common style for all pages and elements of the template. We can create a corporate style from scratch, consciously taking into account the brand book of your company.
Color palette and fonts
We choose moderate color palette, fonts and icons, while creating the design of the project, to make your site stylistic lightness, to avoid visual overloading and to make the project design according to all modern requirements.
Search engine indexing
During the make-up of the future site we optimize the internal structure, HTML code and CSS code for proper indexing by search engines. All pages must have a prescribed "title", "description" and other meta tags. The structure of the site should have correct transitions between pages.
Usability/ease of use
Any information on your site should be accessible to the user. While creating a web-design it is important to have ease of navigation, intuitive modules and simplicity and accessibility of widgets.
Correct site structure
We use techniques such as "golden section", "rule of thirds", and "banner blindness effect" while planning the structure of the website. This allows us to focus the visitor’s attention on the necessary elements of design.
Page loading speed
By optimizing image files, reducing the size of the code, and caching data we maximize the download speed without sacrificing quality, thus enhancing the speed of each page.
Integration with CMS
When we create a design layout it is adapted for further use with CMS Joomla, Wordpress, or UfetaCMS. If third-party developers create a website based on our web design, they will have no trouble integrating it into one of these CMS.

Additional graphic solutions We can create additional advertising and design solutions for you,
based on your wishes and the specifics of your business:

The company's brandbook
The brandbook, a uniform style of the company, transferred to all possible elements, such as the site, the company's goods or services, promotional products or printed publications.
Presentation design
We create graphic and flash (controlled) elements for the presentation of goods or services to customers, at exhibitions and in catalogs, taking into account your company's style concept.
Design of promotional materials
We create a uniform company style design for promotional items such as booklets, posters, and various branded attributes such as pens, mugs, etc.
Design for social networks
We create various graphic elements, screensavers, banners and logos as part of our services for promotion of the company in social networks. We prepare and process photos, edit videos, compose and post texts and news.

Other services

SEO-promotion of a site
SEO audit of the site, gathering a semantic core, text optimization, increasing link mass, etc.
Setting up and maintenance of contextual advertising.
Setting up advertising companies in Google AdWords. Selection of keywords, traffic analytics and budget optimization.
Advancement in social networks
Promotion in the most popular social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. Maintenance of YouTube channels.
IP-telephony and call center
IP telephony, virtual office and call center connection. Setting up workplaces of call center employees.
Maintenance and support of the site
Checking for viruses, "backup" data, installing updates to plugins, modules and scripts. Cleaning of unused data and other debris.
Vulnerability analysis and site security
Checking for popular vulnerabilities (SQL inj, XSS, LFI/RFI), PHP and email injections, checking of open ports, ftp, ssh, etc.
Brand design development
Development of design for your company, from logo and website design, to social media design, to promotional products.
Creating presentations and graphic content
Creation of guided and graphic presentations, photo content editing, video editing.

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