Social Media Promotion

Social media promotion, YouTube channel maintenance and development

The days when social media could be ignored are long behind us. Today, if a brand has no presence on social media, in the eyes of many consumers, it virtually ceases to exist. For a presence to be effective, the community needs to be familiar with the brand.

Social networks are one of the main sources for traffic and orders. Social media users tend to spontaneously shop and create "word of mouth" channels. For the site to be as effective as possible, it should be attractively designed, constantly populated with relevant content, and be able to respond to user queries promptly.

We have been actively engaged in the promotion on social networks, creation of sites, and contextual advertising. For over seven years we have successfully completed numerous projects and have gained a wealth of experience that we can apply to any area of the client's business.

Social Networking Tools

  • Creation and presentation of the group.
  • Cover design, community post hat.
  • Adding general information about products or services.
  • Creating threaded discussions and setting up links.
  • Adding contact information.
  • Filling in preexisting thematic photos and videos.

Social Networking Promotion Roadmap

  • Analysis of the audience, product, and competitors.
  • Defining the number and timing of publications along with types of posts.
  • Agreeing with the customer on the plan of publishing competitions, surveys, and shares.
  • Writing and processing of photos and videos.
  • Posting during maximum subscriber activity.
  • Maintaining dialogue in posts, answering questions, handling negative feedback, and removing spam/profanity.

Development and promotion services

You can significantly save on development time and costs, by ordering several services from our company. Some examples of linkages between development and promotion services include:

Website development and SEO
Initial adjustments for SEO promotion involve effort on internal website development, SEO core, meta-tagging, and keyword density. This kind of work can be done while the site is still being built.
Brand book and social media support
The brand book defines the general style, design of advertising and graphic products. Simultaneous creation of a brand book and support in social networks allows you to reduce the design time of elements for publication, to determine the general concept of style for social networks according to the brand book.
SEO and contextual advertising
Contextual advertising is an integral part of SEO optimization and on top of other website promotion activities, it positively affects positions in search engine results for keywords and the time a website is indexed.
Brandbook and website development
Creating a company brand book is a service to develop an overall style and design that incorporates many of the company's website design elements, logo, color palettes, etc. Working together on these services reduces the time it takes to design a website.
Social media maintenance and support
Site maintenance, apart from installing updates, saving copies, and checking for viruses, may include maintenance of the news section, forum, and changes to the list of products and services. These actions can be duplicated on social media concurrently.
Social networks maintenance and support
In addition to installing updates, saving copies, and checking for viruses, a website maintenance service may include sustaining a news block, or forum, and changing the list of goods and services. These actions can be duplicated simultaneously on social networks.
SEO and social media support
Today's search engine ranking algorithms require a mandatory presence of company information on social media. Search engine crawlers index this information as well as the website, which also affects the search results.
Website creation and maintenance
When we create a website, we think in advance about how we will maintain it, incorporating elements of module updates, virus checks and content copy creation.

Web development security We consider all features of security and apply safety measures to all levels,
creating any software product:

Program code security
Application architecture review, program code analysis,
identification of "weaknesses".
Data security
Data leakage prevention, encryption during transmission
and storage in the database, SQL injection prevention.
Security of software modules
We use only tested control systems, plugins and scripts.
Additional verification of transmitted data.
Personal security
Software certification, content protection,
virus and data "backup" protection.

TechnologyWe always use the most advanced technologies and tools in the field of web development.

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