Prepared solutions

Does personal and corporate website development sounds like a challenge? Not for us!

The ready site - today!

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” - Albert Einstein.

Let's make web development simple with the help of ready-made professional solutions that includes a management system already customized for your product. Does this sound too good to be true? It is indeed true! We have simplified the process of web development as much as possible. We have also created a catalogue of ready-made products, which includes hundreds of projects developed by our team. We will develop a professional website, regardless of the complexity and type of activity, in a timely manner. Whether it's a corporate website, or a full online store, with various platforms and payment systems, we have got you covered.

You may choose from a catalogue or personal design, and we will modify it under your individual requirements. We will develop and upload the personalized content, connect to hosting’s, and teach you how to use the control system of your product.

Check our rates and choose the option that works best for you. Monthly instalments are available if needed.

Do you need additional pages or sections added to your site? Not a problem! By choosing the "Advanced" rate you will have access to a wider and more flexible range of site customization.

Sites, ready to go! Our sites are completely ready to customize with configured CMS. After you choose the template you like we will install the content and attach the domain.

These are ready-made sites
Our product - it's completely ready-to-use sites, with configured CMS, the only thing left is to change the content and attach the domain. Don’t worry, we'll do everything ourselves.
Hosting, domain and SSL
We register hosting and domain, set up SSL certificate and configure additional features, depending on the tariff plan.
Individual development
Don’t like any of the sites in the catalogue? It's not a problem! We will create a custom design for you, any structure and complexity, taking into account all the wishes and requirements of your business.
Additional services
We provide our clients with additional services, such as website promotion in search engines like Google or Bing, as well as, contextual advertising setup and mobile applications development.
Personal design
You can be sure that your site is unique. Once you purchase the site, it is taken down from the catalogue. Every project has an individual design and is created by us only for one client.
Free setup
At no extra cost to you, we'll upload all the images and texts on the site, design a logo or upload an existing one.
Selection of profile content
Don't know what to fill your site with? Don't worry, with your style, we will select the correct content, edit photos, compose texts, and upload icons.
Additional sections
If your new site has no sections or pages, we'll develop them for you and integrate them into your content management system.