Online stores

Development of online stores with an internal system of accounting, statistics of customers and orders

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The main goal of any online store is to maximize sales. The number of purchases made by a person on your site doesn’t only depend on advertising and search engine promotion. It is important to keep the consumer on your website, by attracting their attention as soon as they enter your site.

We create online stores based on the psychology of online sales, by understanding how to build the structure of a store, and where to place a product or service. We know how to offer the client additional services, where the client will be delayed, what will interest them, and how to get them to purchase something on this site.

The main stages of creating an online store


Sales market analysis

Analysis of the sales market, its specifics, range and competitors. Creation of the structure of the future online shop, drafting of the terms of reference.


Design creation

Creating an adaptive design for the catalogue, shopping cart, personal account and other modules of the online store.



Online store codding, programming and configuration. Creation of the shopping cart process, the customer's personal account and the online payment system.


Filling content

Filling the product/service catalogue, selecting content, uploading product or service data. Creating a system for uploading and updating goods.


Interaction with the office

Settings for manager interaction with issued orders, delivery tracking, data on orders, customers, promotions, etc.


Additional settings

Basic SEO-optimization, connection, purchase of SSL-certificate, installation of analytics tools «Google».

We can create an online shop of any complexity. This will start with a simple product display with filters (such as a home building site displaying designs with the ability to filter by price, area, and architectural style). Complex projects, where there are many groups, subgroups and categories, goods are represented in different shops, with the ability to form a customer's cart, along with tracking the status of the order and its delivery to the customer.

An example of such a store is one for the sale of auto parts with a chain of stores throughout the country. We have created a complex system of linking products with vehicle make, model and VIN, original and non-original part numbers, complex catalogue, and part number searches. A CRM system was created for administrative staff for the processing and maintenance of orders, warehousing, and accounting. In addition, the system realized the possibility of interaction between branches and stores, a system of warehouses and tracking the movement of goods between warehouses, deliveries to private and corporate clients and much more.

We are ready to create a project with any of your wishes, modules, and settings. We will analyze your business and suggest shop structure and design options. We can select the content and upload your price list into the database ourselves. We'll set up the administrative part of the site for your employees to work in, along with hosting, a corporate email and mailing lists.

One of our services is the promotion of websites in search engines. We will make all the necessary settings for your online store in Yandex and Google. We will set up context ads, conduct search analytics, and lead your shop to the first positions in search engines.

Other services

SEO-promotion of a site
SEO audit of the site, gathering a semantic core, text optimization, increasing link mass, etc.
Setting up and maintenance of contextual advertising.
Setting up advertising companies in Google AdWords. Selection of keywords, traffic analytics and budget optimization.
Advancement in social networks
Promotion in the most popular social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. Maintenance of YouTube channels.
IP-telephony and call center
IP telephony, virtual office and call center connection. Setting up workplaces of call center employees.
Maintenance and support of the site
Checking for viruses, "backup" data, installing updates to plugins, modules and scripts. Cleaning of unused data and other debris.
Vulnerability analysis and site security
Checking for popular vulnerabilities (SQL inj, XSS, LFI/RFI), PHP and email injections, checking of open ports, ftp, ssh, etc.
Brand design development
Development of design for your company, from logo and website design, to social media design, to promotional products.
Creating presentations and graphic content
Creation of guided and graphic presentations, photo content editing, video editing.

Web development security We consider all features of security and apply safety measures to all levels,
creating any software product:

Program code security
Application architecture review, program code analysis,
identification of "weaknesses".
Data security
Data leakage prevention, encryption during transmission
and storage in the database, SQL injection prevention.
Security of software modules
We use only tested control systems, plugins and scripts.
Additional verification of transmitted data.
Personal security
Software certification, content protection,
virus and data "backup" protection.

TechnologyWe always use the most advanced technologies and tools in the field of web development.

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