SEO Services

SEO website promotion, context advertising configuration and support

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the entire development and promotion of a website so that it reaches the first positions in the search engine results for the selected queries.

The rules for optimization are set by the search engines. Each uses and regularly updates its own ranking algorithms, which are made up of a multitude of factors. You can improve keyword positions in search results by influencing them.

We use only the most effective methods to promote websites and reliable retention mechanisms. This allows us to achieve quick results for our clients and get their queries onto the first page of a Bing and Google search.

The main stages of SEO promotion


Internal optimization

Compilation of semantic core, improving the internal structure of the resource, eliminating technical errors, optimizing images and content.


External optimization

Registration in search engines and directories, link exchange with popular resources, posting press releases, activity on forums and blogs.


Working with commercial factors

Customization of statistical services, comparison of website functionalities with competitors, work on increasing CTR, analysis of conversion indices.


Monitoring and reporting

Monthly report on the work done to promote the site, making recommendations to increase the effectiveness of the site.

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is chargeable advertisement in Google AdWords, which allows you to quickly attract customers to your company's website.

A special feature of this type of advertising is that potential customers are attracted to the site based on their interests, search queries and territorial affiliation.

It is important to select the right search queries, correctly configure the territorial display of ads, optimize the cost of clicks and determine the budget of the advertising campaign.

Contextual advertising requires constant analysis and maintenance, which includes changing the list of keywords, tracking display values and changes in the overall budget.

A range of development and promotion services

You can significantly save on development time and costs, by ordering several services from our company. Some examples of linkages between development and promotion services include:

Website development and SEO
Initial adjustments for SEO promotion involve working on internal website optimization, SEO core, meta tagging and keyword density. This work can be done while the site is still being built.
Brand-book and social media support
The brand-book defines the overall style, design of advertising and graphic products. The simultaneous creation of a brand-book and social media support reduces design time for the elements to be published and defines the overall style concept for the social media according to the brand-book.
Website promotion and maintenance
Regularly adding additional information to the site in the form of news, new products, promotions and service descriptions “tells” search engines that the site is constantly changing and there is a need for more frequent indexing, which has a beneficial effect on the position of the site in search results.
SEO and social media support
Today's search engine ranking algorithms require a mandatory presence of company information on social media. Search engine crawlers index this information as well as the website, which also affects the search results.
SEO and contextual advertising
Contextual advertising is an integral part of SEO optimization and on top of other website promotion activities, it positively affects positions in search engine results for keywords and the time a website is indexed.
Brand-book and website development
Creating a company brand-book, is a service to develop an overall style and design that incorporates many of the company's website design elements, logo, color palettes, etc. Working together on these services reduces the time it takes to design a website.
Social media maintenance and support
Site maintenance, apart from work on installing updates, saving copies and checking for viruses, may include maintenance of the news section, forum and changes to the list of products and services. These actions can be duplicated on social media at the same time.
Website creation and maintenance
When we create a website, we think in advance about how we will maintain it, incorporating elements of module updates, virus checks and content copy creation.

Web development security We consider all features of security and apply safety measures to all levels,
creating any software product:

Program code security
Application architecture review, program code analysis,
identification of "weaknesses".
Data security
Data leakage prevention, encryption during transmission
and storage in the database, SQL injection prevention.
Security of software modules
We use only tested control systems, plugins and scripts.
Additional verification of transmitted data.
Personal security
Software certification, content protection,
virus and data "backup" protection.

TechnologyWe always use the most advanced technologies and tools in the field of web development.

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