Customer Relationship Management

Development of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems for all areas of business

If you need a specialized CRM, we're the right company for you! Throughout our career as a development company, we have created more CRMs, for a variety of business sectors.

Customer Relationship Management or, CRM is a system of registration, management and accounting of clients, their relationship with managers and sellers of the company, accounting of goods and services.

CRM can cover a huge number of tasks, such as keeping track of company employees, working hours, warehouse operations, goods delivery or service performance. The CRM implements a list of all kinds of reports to analyse sales statistics, financial transactions, payroll reports, etc. The possibilities of such a system are confined only to your imagination and the needs of your business.

We will work with you to conduct a full analysis of your business; identify the aspects you should consider and devise the structure of your future CRM. We will create the necessary reports for you to have complete control of your business. We will construct commodity and financial accounting in such a way to reduce costs, prevent theft of staff and reduce write offs.

Features, benefits and frequently used modules of our CRM

CRM is available anywhere in the world, all that is needed a device with internet access.
CRM can be integrated with any third-party product, accounting software or cash register.
Roles of users
CRM users can be divided into groups, with different roles, functionalities and access rights.
The CRM can implement timekeeping, employee schedules and payroll accounting.
Offices and representations
Customer, employee and product accounting in CRM can be implemented for different offices, representative offices and legal entities.
A CRM system can be set up to record the receipt, storage and write-off of goods by warehouse and category.
The CRM is adapted to different operating systems and devices (computers, tablets and mobile phones).
The CRM can implement a complex system of logistics, deliveries, couriers and drivers.
Offices and equipment
The CRM can keep a record of the occupancy of offices by employees, the use and movement of equipment in these offices.
Any form of reporting on employees, orders, goods or finances can be implemented in the CRM.
Attendance or work records
CRM allows you to keep records of clients' visits or employees' work time based on electronic pass out systems.
The CRM structure can be built in interaction with your website or mobile app.

Example of CRM operating a fitness center

Our task as developers was to create a system for the operation of the fitness center, in this CRM, namely:

  • Customer Base Formation: Attendance records, payment data, integration with electronic badges.
  • Registration of clients for various classes and training.
  • Employee database: Work schedule. Linking them to sections and training sessions. Payroll accounting for training sessions.
  • Equipment accounting, office schedule.
  • Various financial reports, schedules, and statistics.

An example of a CRM for an online spare parts shop

We have created an administration system for a network of more than 20 stores across the country, with a central warehouse, regional offices, with their own offices and accounting and sales departments. The head office works with a huge number of corporate clients, wholesalers, vehicle repair shops and suppliers, including those from other countries.

We implemented two combined products. The first is an online store through which spare parts can be searched, a shopping cart created, purchases made and a customer's personal account created. The second product is CRM itself, which implements the work of suppliers, representative offices, stores, warehouses and offices.

It is possible to track all stages of a customer's order in the CRM, starting with the foreign supplier, arrival at the central warehouse, dispatch to the regional representative office, and delivery of the part by courier to the customer. We have also implemented the integration of CRM with the accounting program, the branches, the work of accounting and warehouse.

An example of a CRM for a beauty salon chain

The administration system of a beauty salon chain is similar to that of a fitness center, but with additional advanced functionality. As it is a chain of salons, we have created additional filters and links for clients and employees to individual salons.

The possibility of different access rights to the salons has been implemented for different types of employees. A system has been created for the separate generation of reports for each salon or the entire network.

The ability to account salon customer attendance or individual specialists has been created in the CRM. A system of discounts and bonus savings has been implemented.

These are just a few examples of CRM that we have developed and are successfully operating in various business areas. We are ready to create a CRM of any complexity, specific to your wants and needs.

Other services

SEO-promotion of a site
SEO audit of the site, gathering a semantic core, text optimization, increasing link mass, etc.
Setting up and maintenance of contextual advertising.
Setting up advertising companies in Google AdWords. Selection of keywords, traffic analytics and budget optimization.
Advancement in social networks
Promotion in the most popular social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. Maintenance of YouTube channels.
IP-telephony and call center
IP telephony, virtual office and call center connection. Setting up workplaces of call center employees.
Maintenance and support of the site
Checking for viruses, "backup" data, installing updates to plugins, modules and scripts. Cleaning of unused data and other debris.
Vulnerability analysis and site security
Checking for popular vulnerabilities (SQL inj, XSS, LFI/RFI), PHP and email injections, checking of open ports, ftp, ssh, etc.
Brand design development
Development of design for your company, from logo and website design, to social media design, to promotional products.
Creating presentations and graphic content
Creation of guided and graphic presentations, photo content editing, video editing.

Web development security We consider all features of security and apply safety measures to all levels,
creating any software product:

Program code security
Application architecture review, program code analysis,
identification of "weaknesses".
Data security
Data leakage prevention, encryption during transmission
and storage in the database, SQL injection prevention.
Security of software modules
We use only tested control systems, plugins and scripts.
Additional verification of transmitted data.
Personal security
Software certification, content protection,
virus and data "backup" protection.

TechnologyWe always use the most advanced technologies and tools in the field of web development.

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